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Forum Rules - Please read before posting!

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Forum Rules - Please read before posting!
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Site Admin
Site Admin

Joined: 02 Oct 2004
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Location: New Jersey

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Posted: Thu Oct 07, 2004 12:19 am    Post subject: Forum Rules - Please read before posting!


    1. Personal attacks and/or insults directed towards other users will not be tolerated. Basically if you don't have anything nice to say then just don't say it all. If somebody posts an insulting comment please do not reply to it, it will only result in starting a flame-war. Instead, send a Private Message to one of the forum moderators and they will take care of it.
    2. Do not post hateful, derogatory, racist, and/or obscene comments on this site. Any such content will be deleted immediately.
    3. Please refrain from using excessive amounts of vulgar/foul language. Now, swear words will pop out every once in a while, but please try to keep them from completely overrunning your sentences.


    4. Solicitation is not welcome on this website. Advertisements and commercial posts of personal or business gain are prohibited. If a URL link contains a Reference/Referral ID it will be treated as SPAM.
    ** Please refer to the post below titled "What is and What isn't Considered SPAM?" for more details. **
    5. Posts made for the sole reason of increasing your post count are frowned upon and will be deleted. Post-whoring is considered a form of SPAM and is therefore not allowed on the site.
    6. Personal messages directed towards a specific user should be made via Email, Instant Messenger, Private Message, etc. The forums aren't the place for them
    7. Posting similar or identical topics in multiple forums is called 'cross-posting' and is generally discouraged. Please choose just one forum to post your topic in, as to avoid clutter throughout the rest of the site. If a staff member feels that a certain topic has been posted in an excessive amount of forums, he/she may delete them.


    8. Pornographic images, or images containing illegal or inappropriate content are not permitted on this website. Also, links to pornographic content are prohibited as well.
    9. If a staff member deems an image or link to be inappropriate, he/she may remove it without warning.


    10. Creation of alter egos will result in a ban if found.
    11. Members are asked to respect the copyright of other users, sites, media, etc. Users linking to or asking for information on warez, crackz, etc. or re-printing material without permission will receive a warning and their post will be removed.
    12. Our policy is based on a system of two 'strikes'. Users are warned a maximum of one time before a ban is implemented. Exceptions may be made to this rule as deemed neccessary by the moderation team. Excessive spammers will be banned w/o warning.


    13. Images in signatures are not permitted. If a user continues to place images into their signature, their permissions to have a signature will be revoked.
    14. A maximum of three lines of text are allowed in signatures.
    15. Avatars must be no larger than 120x120
    16. All avatars must be appropriate and must not contain any type of pornography.

If you have any issues or questions, click here to contact a Senior Moderator

Legal: These regulations are subject to change without notice, and we recommend that you periodically look over this document from time to time in order to keep up to date. This website assumes no responsibility regarding the things that you may or may not say or do. eWebDevelopment.net is not liable for the things that you as a user may or may not say or do. We reserve the right to terminate any user's account and/or remove any user's content at anytime, for any reason, without notice.

By using this site you have agreed to these terms of use
[Last Updated: January 4, 2005]
Forum Rules
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Senior Moderator
Senior Moderator

Joined: 16 Oct 2004
Posts: 117
Reputation: +2 / -0
Location: in front of the computer

Status: Offline

Posted: Fri Oct 29, 2004 12:13 am    Post subject:

What is and What isn't Considered SPAM?

This website is designed to allow users to post their websites in the designated forum so that they may recieve feedback from other users. However, some users abuse this privillage by using the forums as just another way to advertise their site. Since the Forum Rules are not specific as to what is considered Spam on these boards, we decided to lay down a few guidelines to give everybody a better idea of what is NOT allowed on the Webmaster Forums.

1. The forums are a place to recieve feedback, not a place to advertise. When posting a website in the Web Site Review, Site of the Month Contest, and Relevant Link Exchange forums you may give a brief description of what the site does and services that they may offer. If a moderator or staff member feels that you are posting for the sole reason of 'advertising' or 'promoting' the website, he/she will remove the link.

2. There are specific forums that allow posting websites for review. Discussion forums, such as General Discussion, Web Development, etc., are not the place to post a link to your website.

4. URL links that contain referral IDs (http://www.website.com/refid=username) are strictly prohibited and will be removed.

5. Any post instructing users to: send money to something, sign up for something, join something, or buy something will be considered spam and deleted. Yes, that includes those get-rich-quick schemes too .

When requesting a review or making a link exchange you may post only ONE link to your site. That means no backlinks to different areas of your site, I'm sure we'll all be able to find them just fine from the homepage.

7. If a staff member or moderator thinks that a link is in violation of any of our other Forum Rules, he/she may remove it.

Now don't get us wrong, we aren't trying to discourage linking to other sites, actually quite the contrary. We just want it to be a fun and easy experience for all users so that they don't have to weed through loads of unneccessary spam links posted by users who really aren't interested in any feedback. We also want users who genuinely want feedback on their site to not have to compete with spammers or face constant skepticism from other users. If you have any further questions about the regulations on this site please read the Forum Rules. Have a great time posting on the boards! .

[Last Updated: January 4, 2005]
¤Forum Rules¤ :: ¤Professional Web Design¤
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